Acne Treatment for Teens | When to Consult Dermatologist?

Are you a teen and suffering from bad acne? Acne usually takes a mental toll on teenagers, resulting in reduced self-esteem and distress. Acne is a chronic disease and occurs in about 95% of adolescents who have just hit puberty. It appears anywhere on the body and may leave scars if not appropriately managed. 

So, go through this article to learn more about acne treatment for teens!

What Is Teen Acne?

Teen acne is a chronic skin condition that commonly occurs after you hit puberty and appears as blemishes like whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, or pustules. It can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory and mainly affects the sebaceous glands of the hair follicle. According to research, the prevalence of acne decreases in individuals of age more than 18 in both sexes. However, it more frequently occurs in adult women than in adult men.  

Acne Treatment for Teens

As a teenager, you should always follow a skincare routine. During puberty, your hormones stimulate sebaceous glands that trigger excess oil production, resulting in clogged pores and acne. Therefore, the acne treatment for teens mentioned below can heal the skin and prevent recurrence. 

OTC Treatment

You can go for over-the-counter treatment to get rid of teen acne quickly. 

  • Benzoyl peroxide is available in many skin care products, such as creams and gels. It unclogs your skin pores and treats the existing acne on your skin. It also prevents acne recurrence and kills bacteria that trigger acne formation. 5 to 10% benzoyl peroxide in cleansers is perfect for teenagers whose skin is oily. 
  • Salicylic acid removes dead cells from your skin and unclogs pores. It is most effective for uninflamed teen acne. If your teen’s skin is sensitive, then it is recommended to use those products that have salicylic acid with less benzoyl peroxide. 
  • Retinoids or vitamin A are most effective in treating teen acne. Retinoids unclog skin pores by removing dead layers of skin. However, it can cause skin dryness, so it is essential to use moisture to keep your teen skin hydrated. 

Follow the Skin Care Routine

Excess oil or dirt usually results in acne, so wash your face twice to remove them from your sensitive skin. Routine facial cleansing encourages your skin’s antimicrobial activity, reduces the chances of infection, decreases excess oil production, and prevents hair follicular obstruction.  

According to research, teens who washed their faces once or twice reported a reduced number of acne lesions, while those who washed their faces three times reported an increased number of acne lesions. So, excessive face washing also dries out your skin and triggers acne. 

Exfoliating your skin to remove damaged skin cells and renew your skin’s surface is also recommended. 

Eat Nutritional Diet

A healthy and nutritional diet containing vitamins A and E, as well as zinc, is an effective acne treatment for teens. The acne-prone diet includes all foods with high glycemic index and saturated fats. Foods rich in vitamins A, E, and zinc act as acne prophylaxis and treatment. Include more green vegetables and fruits in your diet, and avoid refined carbohydrates. 

Use Sunscreen

The sun can damage your skin, specifically if it is acne-prone, or can make your acne worse. Therefore, wear a lightweight sunscreen that is oil-free and non-comedogenic. 

When to Consult Dermatologists?

If you are a teen skin suffering from severe acne and are not managed through any OTC medications, consult a dermatologist for proper treatment to get rid of acne. 

Dermatologists usually prescribe the below-mentioned acne treatment for teens.

  • Oral antibiotics are given to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. However, oral antibiotics can cause side effects, so it is taken with caution and care. Your dermatologist can also prescribe topical antibiotics to apply to the affected area. 
  • Birth control pills are prescribed to teens assigned to females at birth due to increased androgen hormones that cause acne. 
  • Isotretinoin is prescribed to those teens who have severely worse acne, which can leave scars and marks on the face. Isotretinoin is effective when other treatments fail to give positive results.  It shrinks your sebaceous glands to reduce excess oil production and treat acne. 

What Causes Teen Acne?

Teen acne is caused by hormonal changes that occur during puberty. Hormones lead to the build-up of sebum, which clogs pores and results in acne. Genetic predisposition is another reason for teen acne. Stress also causes teen acne, as it releases a high level of cortisol, which increases sebum production and causes acne breakouts. 

How to Prevent Teen Acne?

You can prevent teen acne by keeping your skin clean and avoiding acne-triggering skin care products. Follow the below-mentioned tips to prevent teen acne.

  • It is essential to use face cleansers to remove dirt and bacteria from your skin. 
  • Wash your face after exercise or physical activity to remove sweat, as it can attract bacteria and promote more sebum production. 
  • Stay stress-free and keep yourself well-hydrated. 
  • Use good sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun
  • Avoid sleeping with the make-up on as it can trigger excess oil production and, ultimately, acne breakout.
  • Do not use harsh scrubs as too much cleaning can dry your skin and trigger acne. 
  • Avoid squeezing or popping pimples, as it can leave scars on your face.

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The Bottom Line

Acne is a chronic condition that may occur due to hormonal changes, genetics, or extreme stress. Acne treatment for teens includes OTC medications, establishing a skincare routine, washing the face appropriately, and avoiding oil-based skin care products. Managing teen acne is essential, especially in its early stages, as it can leave scars if left untreated. 

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