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How Janell Overcame Bad Stomach with MOCEAN

A bad stomach and gut and intestinal problems can significantly degrade the quality of anyone’s life. Everyone wants to live healthily, but that’s possible only when you can access quality health facilities. Treating patients isn’t just about giving them standard medications but understanding their medical history & mental condition to create customized treatments. 

With a focus on physical, mental, and emotional well-being, MOCEAN’s holistic treatments aim to address the root causes of health issues. As a result, our patients regain their health and become productive members of society. In this write-up, we’ll explore Janelle’s example, who healed her persistent bad stomach and gut issues and went back to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Her recovery proves her willingness to improve and the effectiveness of our approach. Let’s discuss in detail how she overcame a bad stomach and gut-related issues.

Janell's Background & Problems

Janelle is 35 years old, working in the finance department, and suffering from a bad stomach and gut for the last two years. She had surgery that severely affected her guts and intestines, leading to several issues related to her diet and general health. 

Janelle was even afraid to eat because her upset stomach and medication made her situation worse. She’d wake up every morning with a bloated stomach and feel nauseous throughout the day. It affected her everyday life to the point where doing normal activities became a major headache. 

To make life better, Janelle went for several other treatments. Naturally, as most doctors recommend, she took a lot of medication in the process.

However, nothing worked in her favor, and her condition only deteriorated. She had lost all hope and was about to give up completely on her health before discovering MOCEAN.

Janelle Discovers MOCEAN

Thanks to a colleague of hers, Janelle was introduced to MOCEAN. Her colleague had previous experiences with us that were quite positive. Her friend asked Janelle to visit us and see if we could help her overcome her bad stomach and gut-related issues.

The MOCEAN Treatment

The treatment at MOCEAN isn’t just a typical treatment offered at most health facilities. Many aspects of MOCEAN make it completely distinct from other health facilities, which were also deployed during Janell’s successful gut treatment.

Listening to the Patient

We firmly believe that only the patient can determine how they actually feel. Therefore, we listen to what they say and try to understand the origin of the problem.

Undoubtedly, most doctors have significant expertise in their area with extensive knowledge. However, one common problem is that patients feel isolated during the treatment and think their case doesn’t really matter. MOCEAN has changed that dynamic by letting patients tell their sufferings by themselves.

We sat with Janelle for an extensive session to understand her history of gut issues. It allowed us to understand her journey, the medication she had been taking, the procedures she went through, and her mental condition.

A Gut Reset Program with a Holistic Approach

Instead of putting the patient through a new wave of medications and several new tests, we try to deploy a holistic approach. We didn’t give her any antibiotics or tests whatsoever; instead treated her with a natural approach.

Something really important to note here is that we adopted a hands-on approach to understanding her body. In most other healthcare facilities, doctors rely too much on machines or refer patients to other doctors. It leads to ineffective treatments like the one Janelle was going through during the last two years.

The Six Holistic Healing Principles

Our doctors ensure that every patient is taken care of individually. We have all the attention Janelle required for healing and was never made to feel neglected. Her treatment was based on our six core principles for holistic healing:

  • Our physical approach ensured that Janelle was given high-quality physiotherapy and a diet to transform her gut health and improve her bad stomach.  
  • We let her communicate with other patients at our facility because that’s an important part of healing. At MOCEAN, we believe people can heal and grow better if they spend time together.
  • As already described, Janelle had almost given up all hope and was in terrible mental shape. However, we deeply studied the impact of her illness on her mental well-being and worked to improve it during her time with us. 
  • With mental stability, spiritual guidance can also work wonders. We led Janelle on a path of hope and love where she discovered that healing is perfectly possible and she could leave a fulfilling life again.
  • We educate our patients to be open-minded to fresh ideas and experiences to reach a higher level of self-realization. Thankfully, Janelle absorbed and implemented this idea perfectly while working with us.
  • MOCEAN is also dedicated to creating a peaceful and healthy environment for our patients and society in general. This idea helped us significantly in creating a conducive environment for Janelle where she could heal and grow as a person.

The Outcome of the Treatment

Thankfully, MOCEAN’s proven treatment led to a gradual yet 180° shift in Janell’s life and resolved her health issues. Although her gut was her biggest concern when she came to us, she left with much more than just healed bad stomach. Today, she can eat whenever she wants without worrying about nausea, bloating, sleeplessness, etc.

Her mornings are peaceful today, as she doesn’t experience any bloating episodes that she did before MOCEAN’S treatment. It is crucial to mention that our treatment focuses on long-term health, not just short-term gains. We taught Janelle about all the stress factors that could affect her gut health so that she doesn’t face such problems in the future. 

Here are Janell’s own words about the treatment;

“Internal and emotional part takes a big part in health, and I think MOCEAN and reset program focus on that… If there is anybody who wants to reset themselves, your gut, body, wherever it is in your body, start at MOCEAN.”


It is evident from Janell’s story that a holistic approach works best for treating patients. Thankfully, MOCEAN has crafted a highly effective strategy in this regard and has healed hundreds of patients so far. Our mission is to provide patients with personalized care through high-tech innovations to enhance their experience. 

Building a community at our health center ensures that our patients don’t feel isolated. Because of these and many other reasons, MOCEAN is the best place for patients who want sustained healing.

So, book your appointment today and start your healing journey like never before!

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