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Do you know a Science Daily study shares that one in every five individuals suffers from chronic pain in the USA?
Although there are many conditions associated with chronic pain, including muscle spasms, joint pain, neurological pain, etc. However, treating longstanding painful conditions medicinally is one way to get rid of the problem.
But to solve your pain for once and all, integrative physical therapy is the choice of treatment.

To learn more about integrative physical therapy and its benefit, let’s discuss further! 

What Does Integrative Physical Therapy Mean?

Integrative Physical Therapy defines as a holistic practice that focuses on enhancing the self-healing mechanisms of one’s body to manage illness and its symptoms. In particular, this form of physical therapy uses non-invasive and low-intensity techniques to improve your overall well-being.

Additionally, Integrative physical therapists formulate the specific treatment plan for every individual based on their diagnosis. These therapists apply movement practices that heal not only your body but also your mind and spirit.

Which Conditions Are Get Treated by Integrative Physical Therapy?

Integrative Physical Therapy in NYC offers treatments for all the conditions that regular physiotherapy does manage. Although integrative physical therapists do follow a whole-person approach, they tend to pick the root cause of your condition. The latter helps in formulating specific treatment plans for numerous health issues, such as

  • Muscular Spasms, including neckache and backache.
  • Sports Injuries comprising ankle sprains and meniscus tears
  • Traumatic injuries and fractures
  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Neurological conditions like Stroke and Parkinson’s disease
  • Respiratory disorders, including Pneumonia and Tuberculosis
  • Deconditioning and Weight Loss

What are the Benefits of Integrative Physical Therapy?

Integrative Physical Therapy in NYC provides uncountable advantages to its users that include:

  • Patients can receive an interdisciplinary treatment regarding their illness that consists of thorough clinical examination, prompt diagnosis, formation of short-term and long-term plans, and home exercise regime.
  • Patients can assess progress related to their condition with numerous assessment sessions and constant follow-ups.
  • The treatment plan of patients is not limited to one key symptom but deals with several complaints in one go to improve mental and emotional well-being.
  • The treatment plan will not comprise any form of invasive therapy that will emit the risk of drug dependency.
  • The holistic approach of integrative physical therapy elevates your mood and helps in reducing your stress levels.
  • Integrative physiotherapy deals with chronic pain effectively, which enhances patients’ life quality.

Which Techniques Get Applied by Integrative Physical Therapists?

Integrative Physical Therapist tends to apply therapies that enhance your range of motion, strengthens your musculature, and eases your pain. Also, the goal of integrated physiotherapy is to deliver relaxation and freedom to your mind and spirit. Furthermore, patients tend to receive well-designed treatment regimes consisting of mindful exercises to retain normal movement patterns and good posture.
Besides, the common techniques applied by integrated physical therapists include:
  •     Myofascial release
  •     Craniosacral Therapy
  •     Muscle energy
  •     Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) 
  •     Balance Training
  •     Core strength/stabilization 
  •     Neuro-dynamic exercises 
  •     Joint mobilization
  •     Neural mobilization
  •     Therapeutic yoga 
  •     Posture training 
  •     Breath training 
  •     Meditation, mindfulness, and calming the nervous system

What To Expect During An Integrated Physical Therapy Session in NYC?

If you haven’t received an integrated physical therapy session, you must be looking out for what to expect. A trained and certified physical therapist will conduct a medical exam by asking you a few questions to diagnose your problem. Also, an Integrated physical therapist will assess your targeted area manually by exposing it and performing special tests on it. Additionally, you will be asked about your mental health status during the treatment session. Once your condition is ruled out, a personalized treatment regime will be designed to cure your underlying symptoms. It may include the aforementioned integrative therapies, including joint mobilization, acupuncture, and PNF techniques. At the end of the session, your physical therapists will guide you through certain exercises and precautions to follow at your home.

The Bottom Line

Integrative Physical Therapy in NYC not only helps you to eliminate your chronic pain by using holistic techniques but will take care of your stressed headspace. If you are searching for a reliable place to get sessions of integrative physical therapy, make an appointment at MOCEAN right away. Our team of certified physical therapists and doctors will determine the root cause of your concerned pain to solve your problem once and for all. Once a diagnosis is established, we will form a personalized treatment plan to help you in achieving your health goals. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and say goodbye to your pain forever.

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