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Do you know more than 50 million Americans suffer from acne and other skin conditions annually? If you’re among the sufferers, you might have tried many medicinal and invasive procedures to eliminate it. But you might not have achieved the desired results. Thereby, an emerging treatment known as Red light therapy (RLT) has been introduced to correct skin conditions, including acne, scars, wrinkles, redness, and other signs of aging.

Additionally, a clinical trial suggests that individuals receiving 30 sessions of red light therapy showed increased collagen density, leading to improved skin roughness and complexion.

Let’s get into more detail about red light therapy and its benefits, treatment, and risks.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is the optimum way to treat skin, muscle tissues, and other body parts undergoing aging or inflammatory processes. It uses the low levels of red light within the spectral range of 600 to 1300 nm to provide its medicinal effects.

Unlike Infrared light, red light is visible to the naked eye when transmitted into your body.

RLT is also named low-level laser therapy (LLLT), low-power laser therapy (LPLT), non-thermal LED light, biostimulation, photonic stimulation, cold laser therapy, soft laser therapy, and photobiomodulation (PBM).

How Does Red Light Therapy Function?

When your skin gets exposed to red light therapy with the help of a laser and lamp, your cells absorb its frequency. Later, the absorbed light travels to the mitochondria, also known as the cell’s powerhouse, to generate energy.

Additionally, this excess energy allows the body to repair its damaged tissues and promote wellness. The overall process helps you to rejuvenate your muscle and skin structures.

Moreover, RLT incorporates low-penetration rays that neither damage nor burn your skin tissues. Unlike the light used by tanning booths, red light prevents your skin from getting UV rays exposure.

What are the Red Light Therapy Benefits?

There are numerous red light therapy benefits in NYC, as shown by recent studies that include the following:

RLT Fights Acne

As scientific data suggests, red light therapy for acne vulgaris is effective. A clinical study shows that sessions of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) when applied with a frequency of 630 nm, have reduced acne lesions significantly.

It happens because red light affects the secretion of sweat glands and activates white blood cells to counter inflammatory processes involved in the prevalence of acne.

Thereby, the RLT reduces the appearance of acne on your face successfully in a safer manner.

RLT Cures Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers are a common condition in a diabetic individual. In diabetes, your sensory nervous system gets impaired, instigating numbness in your foot. Later, it causes injuries by stepping on rough surfaces and produces ulcers.

A study claims that individuals who received 660 and 890 nm LED phototherapy have shown 56% more tissue granulation and 79.2% faster healing in chronic diabetic foot ulcers when compared to conventional treatment.

RLT Improves Dementia

Dementia is a complicated neurological disorder that often affects individuals of older ages. The conditions show impaired thinking, emotional, and social patterns besides severe memory loss.

A clinical study performed on 60 individuals suggests that participants who have received red light treatment for 6 mins twice daily for eight weeks have shown improvement in symptoms of dementia.

Additionally, patients with dementia reported less anxiety, improved mood, energy, and positive daily routine after receiving LED light treatment for 14 to 21 days.

RLT Promotes Hair Growth

Promoting hair growth is among the red light therapy benefits. Hair loss is a prominent problem that affects individuals regardless of age and gender. A type of hair loss called androgenic alopecia occurs in healthy people due to changes in genes responsible for stimulating hair follicles (HF).

A study claims that applying 650 nm low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for 5 to 10 minutes daily for 24 weeks helps produce a natural chemical called anagen that includes the production of hair follicles and prevents hair loss.

RLT Reduces Dental Pain

Red light therapy for pain, including dental and joint pain, is under scientific observation.

People with periodontal diseases suffer from dentin hypersensitivity (DH), making it harder to enjoy food of different temperatures. A study claims that one month of low-level light therapy (LLLT) reduces dentin hypersensitivity.

Additionally, red light treatment successfully deals with pain, clicking, and jaw tenderness associated with temporomandibular dysfunction syndrome (TMD).

RLT Treats Osteoarthritis

RLT corrects the pain associated with joint disorders, including osteoarthritis.

Scientific research reports that the application of low-level light therapy for 15 minutes twice daily in individuals with degenerative knee osteoarthritis relieves pain and disability.

What are Red Light Therapy Dangers?

RLT is a highly safe therapy. Moreover, no such health hazards are associated with its exposure to various parts of your body. However, when applied inappropriately, it might cause damage to your skin tissues.

That’s why you must seek a certified therapist in NYC to gain benefits from the red light treatment in the safest way possible.

How Often Should You Use Red Light Therapy?

On average, taking 20 minutes for red light therapy sessions thrice daily works best in your interest. However, depending on your condition, you need more extensive and frequent sessions.

What Happens If You Red Light Therapy Everyday?

RLT is a non-invasive and safe treatment. Getting this procedure regularly comes with zero side effects and health risks if applied by a certified healthcare professional in NYC.

How Long Does It Take To See the Benefits Of Red Light Therapy?

You start seeing the difference in your condition after the first session of red light treatment. However, red light therapy’s longstanding and desired benefits are achievable after receiving its sessions for 3 to 6 months.

Find Quality Red Light Therapy Experts in NYC

With the advancement of the health industry, you will find numerous researches about the benefits of red light therapy and its high safety profile. However, the desired results of RLT are achieved under supervised medical attention.

At MOCEAN, we have a team of trained and certified therapists in NYC who will examine your health condition deeply before applying quality red light therapy. We follow the standardized health safest guidelines to provide the red light treatment with no side effects across NYC, USA.

Book your appointment now to start with exclusive red light therapy!

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