Can Stress Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

You may have experienced severe stress once in your lifetime. Stress interferes with your natural process, disturbs hormonal imbalance, and develops several health complications. Also, you are more likely to have altered sleeping patterns and low energy levels due to chronic fatigue. But can stress cause back pain?

Here’s what to know:

Can Stress Cause Back Pain?

Yes, stress can cause back pain by putting pressure on your back musculature, provoking bad posture, inhibiting blood circulation, and elevating pain sensitivity.

How Can Stress Cause Back Pain?

When your back musculature undergoes repetitive stress, they are more likely to get tightened or inflamed, which provokes pain. Following are some of the ways how you can get back pain from stress and anxiety:

Stress Manipulates Cortisol Levels

When your body undergoes severe stress, it releases cortisol to control its effects. Chronic stress leads to hormonal imbalance, which results in cortisol dysfunction that alters your body’s inflammatory responses. It also increases your risk of developing tissue degeneration, cellular injury, free radical damage, and oxidative stress that may provoke back pain. 

Stress Leads To Muscle Tension

Whenever you are in a stressful scenario, your body either tells you to fight with it or run away from the situation. This is called a fight or flight response. Your system also releases certain hormones during this process that put extra pressure or strain on your muscles, which may lead to back pain or stiffness. 

Stress Decreases Pain Threshold

Your body releases adrenaline hormones that elevate your heart rate and alter pain perception when experiencing high stress levels. Moreover, stress interferes with neurotransmitters of your limbic system that change the activity of pain-blocking pathways. It leads to increased pain sensitivity. 

Stress Elevates Inflammation

Stress modulates your cortisol and adrenaline levels, which decreases your immunity. This leads to elevated inflammatory responses that may give rise to stress-induced back pain. 

Stress Provokes Poor Posture

When you’re under stress, your breathing becomes shallow while you shrug your shoulders. Poor posture often adds extra strain and pressure to upper and lower lumbar musculature, making you prone to back pain. 

Stress Restricts Blood Flow

If you’re still unsure if “can stress cause back pain,” here’s a further elaboration on it. During stressful situations, your system produces epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones that elevate your heart rate. Doing so constricts your blood vessels, provoking compromised blood supply to your back musculature. 

How Many Types of Stress-Induced Back Pain Are There?

Now that you know “can stress cause back pain,” let’s discuss its key types so we can counter them effectively. Stress-induced back pain mainly prevails at two locations. However, its symptoms and severity vary from person to person. It includes:

Lower Back Pain

This pain usually occurs between your belly button and buttocks. It can be felt as dull, aching pain that may be prevalent due to lower back muscle spasms or tightness. Also, lower back pain goes down to your hip or foot. 

Upper Back Pain

This pain usually occurs at the level of your shoulder blades. It can be experienced as burning or stabbing pain that often causes muscle tightness. You’re more likely to get pain in your chest or arm due to upper back spasms. 

What Does Back Pain Feel Like?

The symptoms of back pain vary with each individual. It also depends on your pain threshold, tolerance, and stress. Following are some of the common signs and symptoms of back pain:

  • Pain that intensifies when you bend your back forward or backward
  • Pain that may radiate to your buttock or cause a pins and needles sensation in your leg
  • Soreness, pain, tightness, or pressure in your back region
  • Pain that may aggravate with weight lifting, prolonged sitting, or standing
  • Pain that may cause pressure or tightness between your shoulder blades 

How to Tell if Back Pain is From Stress?

It is not easy to identify whether stress is inducing your back pain since it can occur due to multiple causes. However, these are some signs that suggest back pain is associated with high stress levels:

Physical and Emotional Stress

If you’re recently undergoing physical or emotional stress due to your long job hours, toxic relationship, or financial drawback, you’re most likely to develop stress-induced back pain. 

Slow Onset

Pathological back pain often has a sudden onset. In contrast, back pain caused by stress has a gradual onset; it develops slowly over time by creating tension in your lumbar musculature.

Lack of other Symptoms

If you don’t experience complicated symptoms of back pain, such as numbness in your foot or weakness, you tend to have back pain from stress. 

Intermittent Nature of Pain

Back pain develops after injury and tends to stay consistent for days or months. Stress-induced back pain changes its intensity according to the current stress levels. 

Improves With Stress Management Skills

If you have seen improvement in your back pain once you’ve managed your stress by participating in meditation, exercise, or deep breathing, it is most likely to be associated with high-stress levels. 

How To Get Your Stress-Induced Back Pain Treated?

Following are some of the treatment strategies that heal your stress-induced back pain:

  • Taking over-the-counter painkiller medication helps reduce the inflammation and pain caused by stiff back muscles 
  • Applying a heating pad over your stiffened back muscles relieves the pain and induces relaxation 
  • Performing stretching exercises such as knee to chest, child pose, or straight leg raise corrects your back pain
  • Practicing relaxation techniques, including deep breathing, mindfulness, or meditation, corrects stress-induced back pain.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet and sleeping for 8 hours at night helps in combating back pain from stress.

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The Bottom Line - Can Stress Cause Back Pain

Back pain is among the debilitating conditions that target people of all ages in a lifetime. Stress alters your hormone balance, posture, and circulation to trigger back pain. Therefore, to correct your back pain, stress must be managed to get a speedy and complete recovery.

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