How To Clean Your Lymphatic System?

Your lymphatic system releases toxins and activates immune responses to fight against diseases. It comprises lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, and fluid circulating within your system. Due to chronic illness or surgical procedures, your lymphatic system gets clogged. This results in excessive swelling and might cause swollen lymph nodes. Having said that, you might be wondering about how to clean your lymphatic system. 

Read more to find out how to flush your lymphatic system naturally.

How To Clean Your Lymphatic System Naturally?

Numerous conservative and surgical treatments are available to release your lymphatic fluid. However, there are specific remedies that you can apply at your home to cleanse your lymphatic system. It includes:

Perform Daily Exercises

One of the effective ways of “how to cleanse your lymphatic system naturally” is by engaging in physical activity. Any form of movement enables your lymph fluid to drain into circulation. Exercises involve your whole body and tend to unblock your lymphatic system. For instance, practice doing a headstand while a wall supports your legs. It promotes the flow of lymph towards the heart and drains it successfully. 

Take Hot and Cold Showers

Try taking cold and hot showers simultaneously to clean your lymphatic fluid. Cold water constricts your lymphatic vessels, whereas hot water dilates them. This fluctuation works as a pump for your blocked lymph fluid and drains it effectively. Also, it removes toxins from your system.

However, this therapy should be avoided by pregnant women and people with cardiovascular diseases who can’t tolerate frequent temperature changes.

Take Your Trampoline Out

Another effective way of “how to clean your lymphatic system” is by rebounding. Take your mini trampoline out and jump on it for 10 to 15 minutes. This mild aerobic exercise increases your heart rate and helps drain your lymph fluid.

Moreover, jumping on a trampoline facilitates the gravitational force to work upon your body and promote lymph movement. It also strengthens your legs and develops coordination.

Practice Dry Brushing Regularly

Dry brushing is among the best solutions to how to clean your lymphatic system. Take a wooden brush with fiber bristles and a long handle to reach all your body parts with ease. Start brushing your feet first and go up toward the heart or belly button. Use gentle, circular, and light strokes of dry brush on areas with thin skin, whereas apply high pressure on regions with thick skin.

Avoid areas with cuts, wounds, and infections. Remember to take a cold water bath after doing dry brushing. A 10-minute dry brushing session releases your lymph fluid by opening the sweat glands, exfoliates your skin, relaxes your body, and boosts circulation. 

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Hydration helps to lubricate your lymphatic vessels and enables them to function correctly. Adding fresh citrus fruits and leafy veggies to your meal plans provides minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients to your body.

Furthermore, fresh fruits and veggies facilitate the gut protective barrier. It protects your body from getting exposed to harmful content within your intestine. This minimizes the influx of toxins and inflammatory responses that cause your lymphatic system to get blockage. 

Sleep in Loose-Fitted Clothing

Wear loose-fitted clothing during sleep is how to clean your lymphatic system. Your body naturally detoxifies its lymphatic system at night. If you’re dressed in tight clothes, it reduces your lymphatic fluid circulation and even causes blockage in lymph nodes. 

Furthermore, it leads to the accumulation of toxins in your body, which makes you prone to various illnesses and infections. Therefore, putting on loose garments promotes the natural flow of lymph fluid and drains it effectively.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

Lymphatic fluid is far more abundant in your body than blood. However, unlike blood, there is no pumping organ to circulate lymphatic fluid. Doing deep breathing exercises is another remedy of how to clean your lymphatic system. These exercises replicate the pumping action and release your lymphatic fluid into circulation.

Start deep breathing by inhaling through your nose slowly and letting the air fill your stomach. Take as much air as you can. Then, hold on to your breath for a few seconds. In the next step, exhale it from your mouth until no air is left in your belly. Practice this exercise at least thrice a day to get better results. 

Apply Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Manual lymphatic drainage massage works on the swollen part of your body to drain lymph into circulation. A healthcare professional trained to give lymphatic drainage massages puts pressure on your swollen parts. The massage usually begins from the proximal region and then proceeds to the distal region to guide the lymph fluid to join its circulation. 

Sip Lemon Water Daily

Water is an essential component of your lymphatic system. Without proper hydration, your lymph does not flow into its ducts adequately. Therefore, drinking 12 glasses of water daily must be your goal to flush your lymphatic system.

Additionally, mixing lemon into your water makes it alkaline and keeps it pH-neutral, which promotes the natural flow of lymph fluid. Also, lemon water helps your digestive system absorb vitamin B12 and iron, which boosts your energy and reduces your stress levels.

How Do I Know If My Lymphatic System Is Clogged?

A clogged lymphatic system shows these signs and symptoms in your body:

  • Swelling on arms and limbs
  • Inability to move swollen body parts
  • Tenderness and pain in swollen regions
  • Skin discoloration 
  • Frequent bloating
  • Infections 
  • Joint and muscle aches

If you experience symptoms mentioned above, seek medical attention to treat your blocked lymphatic system.

Where To Find Effective Lymphatic Drainage Therapy In NYC, USA?

At MOCEAN Wellness Center in NYC, we provide multiple therapies to drain your blocked lymphatic vessels, including compression therapy, manual lymphatic drainage massages, and red light therapy. 

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Bottom Line - How To Clean Your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system tends to get blocked after facing chronic illness or undergoing a surgical procedure. There are many natural remedies to clean your lymphatic system effectively. However, before applying any of the abovementioned remedies, contact your healthcare advisor for speedy recovery. 

Book an appointment at our longevity center in NYC to clean your lymphatic system right away. 

Then we create a health plan tailored to your needs.

Based on the results, we develop a personalized treatment plan for each individual to promote optimal health. With 1-on-1 consultations, cutting-edge technology, and a team of experts who care about getting you better, MOCEAN offers you a comprehensive road map on how to become the healthiest version of yourself.