How To Detox Plastic From Your Body?

Have you noticed that the bottle you drink water from, the toys your children play with, or the shoes you wear all contain plastic? Moreover, these microelectronics enter your food through polluted air and go into your body, where they cause hormonal imbalance and numerous medical complications. So, you might be wondering, “how to detox plastic from your body?”

Changing certain lifestyle habits and eating patterns helps remove plastic from your body. 

Read more to know about how can you detox plastic from your body. 

What Are Microplastics?

Microplastics refer to the type of plastics that are below five millimeters. For example, your facial scrubs contain beads made up of microplastics. Consequently, when microplastics go through the natural processes, they turn into dust-like particles. These tiny particles disperse into water, soil, and even food. Through these mediums, you ingest microplastics that drastically affect your body. 

What Are the Adverse Effects of Plastic On Your Body?

There are numerous types of plastics, each affecting your body differently. It also depends on how much you expose yourself to plastic and its types. However, microplastics affect your system in three main ways that include:

  • Physically – Once you have swallowed plastic, it interrupts your body’s regular functions. Larger pieces of plastic are still eliminated from your system through the excretion process. However, tiny particles of plastic stay in the digestive tract and put you at risk of developing medical complications.
  • Chemically – Plastics contain hazardous chemical compounds that can be absorbed by your digestive system and develop toxicity in your body. 
  • Bacterial and Fungal Infections – Plastics are the breeding place for the growth of microplastics. Therefore, when you swallow plastics, you allow many microorganisms to enter your body, take nutrients from your system, and cause numerous bacterial and fungal infections. 

6 Ways to How To Detox Plastic From Your Body?

You should practice a specific approach to minimize your exposure to plastic and its types. Following are some of the natural methods to reduce plastic consumption and eliminate its ill effects from your system:

Add Organic and Fresh Foods To Your Diet Plan

Package and processed foods are more likely to contain contaminated microplastics that will cause harm to your body. Therefore, selecting unprocessed and organic foods in your meal is how to detox plastic from your body. 

Additionally, organic foods are the more significant source of essential nutrients and aid you in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Unprocessed foods also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that protect your system from illnesses. 

Engage in Physical Activities to Stimulate Sweating

Another way to “how to detox plastic from your body” is by engaging in physical activities that promote sweating. Sweating assists in eliminating toxins from your body that are incorporated by ingesting plastics. 

Most importantly, take sauna sessions regularly to induce sweating because it will facilitate (bisphenol A) BPA detox and excretion of other harmful components. BPA detox stabilizes your mood and stimulates happy hormones that revitalize your system naturally.

Add Breathing Exercises In Your Training Routine

Performing deep breathing exercises assist you to get the microplastics out of your lungs. If these toxins stay in your lungs longer, they cause various respiratory diseases, including chronic coughing and shortness of breath. 

Moreover, inhaling these toxins makes you susceptible to an episode of asthma. Therefore, practicing deep breathing exercises by inhaling air from your nose for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 4 seconds, and exhaling it from your mouth for 4 seconds may flush out toxins from your lungs. 

Also, doing deep breathing exercises increases your lung capacity and spreads oxygen throughout your body for better circulation. 

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Once you have consumed microplastics in your food, it travels to your gastrointestinal tract, decomposing into toxins in your circulation. Another way how to remove BPA from the body is by increasing your fiber intake. Eating foods such as carrots, berries, apples, and nuts gives you plenty of fiber that facilitates your gut movements. It leads to quick digestion and excretes toxins from your system through defecation.

Consume Detoxification Supplements

Your body detoxifies toxins from plastic ingestion, mainly through the kidneys and liver. However, certain supplements work as a plastic detoxifier to reduce pressure from these organs. Supplements such as vitamin C, glutathione, and N acetylcysteine (NAC) contain antioxidant properties that counteract the adverse effects caused by plastics and their pollutants.

Minimize Your Plastic Consumption

Limiting your plastic usage is how to detox plastic from your body. Using biodegradable options such as using wooden or reusable cups or plates to consume your food, drinking your beverages without straws, and opting for fabric shopping bags are a few ways to cut your plastic consumption.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Detox?

Getting a plastic detox serves your body and environment with multiple advantages. It includes:

  • It corrects your hormonal imbalance, treats your reproductive issues, and treats your chronic diseases
  • Plastic detox provides a sustainable environment that contains fewer pollutants and is healthy for the ecosystem
  • It elevates your immunity and manages your weight
  • It enhances your digestive processes and revitalizes your energy levels.

Where To Find Effective Plastic Detox Therapy in NYC?

At MOCEAN Wellness Center in NYC, our experts analyze your daily microplastic consumption before starting a treatment. We use modern wellness technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver quality therapy to detox plastic from your body.

Our experts offer sauna therapy, salt room, and red light therapy to eliminate toxins from your system and give you a healthier mind, body, and soul.

Also, our professionals share tips on how to detox plastic from your body. 

The Bottom Line - How To Detox Plastic From Your Body

You are ingesting and inhaling microplastic from the environment due to increasing pollution. These plastics then release toxins in your body that disrupt your hormonal balance, causing digestive and reproductive issues. By using the aforementioned dietary and lifestyle changes, you can eliminate plastic from your body. Before altering your diet plans, consult your healthcare professional for a better result. 

So, to book an appointment at our longevity center in NYC, call us right away!

Then we create a health plan tailored to your needs.

Based on the results, we develop a personalized treatment plan for each individual to promote optimal health. With 1-on-1 consultations, cutting-edge technology, and a team of experts who care about getting you better, MOCEAN offers you a comprehensive road map on how to become the healthiest version of yourself.