10 Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits for Everyone

You might have taken back or neck massages to relieve tension in your painful areas. However, unlike regular massages, manual lymphatic drainage massage works to minimize swelling in your body parts that may have happened due to a medical condition or an abundance of toxins in your system. Well, that’s said, what are the lymphatic drainage massage benefits?

Lymphatic drainage massage elevates your overall well-being a

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Following are some of the lymphatic drainage massage benefits that help to improve your physical, emotional, and mental well-being:

Provides Stronger Immunity

The lymphatic system tends to remove harmful waste from your body and maintain immunity. However, when you’ve blocked lymph nodes, toxins prevail in your body and make you prone to diseases. Therefore, one of the key benefits of lymphatic massage is to drain harmful toxins from your body and build strong immune responses. 

Improves Sleep Quality

Individuals with swollen limbs find it harder to fall asleep due to the pain and stress caused by it. Lymphatic drainage massage benefits sleep quality by releasing fluid into your circulation to reduce swelling and pain. Furthermore, manual lymphatic massages promote healing and elevate your mood by coping with your stress and anxiety. 

Elevates Energy Levels

Having swollen body parts makes it difficult for you to walk around. This state of physical inactivity can happen due to the weight of swollen limbs and decreased energy levels. One of the lymphatic drainage massage benefits is to increase your energy levels by releasing the lymph into its system and taking the weight off your body. 

Corrects Swollen Limbs

Venous insufficiency makes you susceptible to poor leg circulation. It leads to blocked lymph nodes in your legs that further cause painful and swollen limbs. Lymphatic massage benefits you by treating this discomforting condition. Lymphatic massage does so by clearing the accumulation of fluid in your legs through its gentle, consistent, and soft pressure technique.

Drains Blocked Sinuses

You might develop numerous allergies and sinus problems due to incompetent lymph nodes. However, lymphatic drainage massage benefits you by releasing blocked lymph within the sinuses of your face. Furthermore, it helps to reduce pressure from your forehead and face and relieves nasal congestion. 

Prevents Lymphedema

You are likely to develop lymphedema after suffering from chronic illnesses and undergoing surgical procedures. It happens due to the disruption in lymph flow within your body. Its symptoms include pain, discomfort, and severe swelling within your limbs.

Many conservative and surgical treatments, such as compression therapy, help to manage lymphedema. However, manual lymphatic drainage massages deal with blockage of your lymph nodes effectively and prevent further complications of lymphedema. 

Promotes Healing After Surgery

You may develop scar tissue after undergoing any surgical procedure. However, you are more likely to sustain further complications, such as infections, if your scar tissue isn’t adequately healed. One of the lymphatic drainage massage benefits is to promote the healing process of your scar tissue and replace it with healthy and regenerated skin. 

Additionally, manual lymphatic massages also enable you to eradicate excess swelling and toxins that accumulate within your body after getting surgery. 

Gives Glowing Skin

Lymphatic massage tends to increase the blood circulation on your face through its rhythmic and vibratory movements. The boosted circulation then promotes healthy skin growth and reduction of open pores from your face. Furthermore, it leads to radiant, smooth, and glowing skin that brightens your overall appearance.

Breaks Cellulite and Fat Cells

You might have noticed sagging or dimpled skin on your arm, thighs, or belly. It can happen due to abundant cellulite and fat cells in your area. One of the pivotal lymphatic drainage massage benefits is to burn these cellulite or fat cells by applying continuous and circular motion. In addition, regular usage of lymphatic massages helps you to lose weight quickly. 

Treats Fibromyalgia

If you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, you are more likely to experience joint and muscular pain regularly. The condition is also characterized by swelling within connective tissues, skin discoloration, and inflammation of the skin nerves. However, manual lymphatic drainage massage helps manage fibromyalgia by treating swollen and stiff body parts, thereby improving the quality of life of affected individuals.

What Are the Risks of Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a safe procedure and manages numerous medical complications. However, in certain conditions, it’s a relative contraindication and must be applied with extra care. These conditions include:

Knee physical therapy helps treat many different knee conditions, including the following:

  • Cardiac Problems
  • Complete Renal Failure
  • Prevalence of Blood Clots
  • Infections

You are most likely to get lymphatic drainage massages with no complications. But sometimes, people do feel headaches, nausea, or weakness after getting manual lymphatic drainage.

Therefore, you must get manual lymphatic massages under the supervision of a certified therapist. Also, it is necessary to seek medical attention if you observe any unusual symptoms after receiving lymphatic massages. 

Where To Get Effective and Safe Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages in NYC, USA?

At MOCEAN Wellness Center in NYC, our experienced therapist offers the safe application of manual lymphatic drainage massages to our clients. We also assess your condition before starting the lymphatic drainage procedure to provide risk-free treatment. 

In addition, we possess state-of-the-art wellness equipment to detoxify your body, mind, and soul in 60-minute sessions. We also provide salt room, sound therapy, and red light therapy to deal with your high stress levels. 

Bottom Line

Many chronic illnesses, such as cardiac and renal problems and surgical procedures, resulting in swollen and painful body parts. You’ll find numerous conservative treatments to reduce this edema, but most of them have their side effects. Therefore, lymphatic drainage massages are among the safest and most effective treatments for blocked lymph nodes and incompetent blood circulation. Additionally, it lifts off additional weight from your joints and enables you to regain your lost physical activity. 

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