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MOCEAN Integrative & Holistic Physical Therapy

MOCEAN is an acronym of the six systems that make up the human body. When these systems are balanced and functioning optimally, the innate healing capabilities of the body is restored and health is naturally achieved.

The MOCEAN Integrative Physical Therapy System seeks to identify the root of the problem and restore health and wellness by taking the whole person into account. Through personalized care plans, the MOCEAN Integrated System uses the most appropriate interventions from an array of scientific disciplines to go beyond the treatment of symptoms. We heal pain, correct dysfunction, and change lifestyles to help people regain and maintain optimal health.

What makes MOCEAN different?

In today’s medical system, there is an enormous gap between conventional medicine and complementary medicine. Conventional medicine is rooted in scientifically proven theories and controlled research trials with a primary focus on pharmaceuticals and invasive surgical procedures.

For cases of trauma, serious injury, infection, and acute pain, conventional medicine provides a clear and effective solution. However, because conventional medicine is subdivided by specialty, it overlooks the importance of treating the body as an integrated whole.

On the other hand, complementary medicine, often referred to as alternative medicine, looks at the human body as a whole, emphasizing harmony and balance in the mind, body, and spirit as the primary path to lasting health. Complementary medicine, however, is generally not based on research, but rather on subjective experience, anecdotal evidence, and user observation.

The MOCEAN Integrated System has been designed to bridge the gap in our current medical system by combining these two perspectives, creating a new, truly holistic approach to viewing and treating the human body. At MOCEAN, we look at the human body through a holistic lens while applying treatment methods that are supported by clinical and scientific evidence.

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