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Sports Performance Program

Our Sports Performance (SP) program is designed to:

1. Enhance sports-specific performance

2. Optimize sports-specific movement patterns

3. Decrease risk of future injury

4. Transition from injury back to sport

We identify breakdowns in movement patterns and health that are responsible for poor performance, plateaus, and injuries


The MOCEAN Sports care Physical Therapy and wellness is a performance enhancement program that is based on advanced scientific theories of human performance and an integrated, holistic approach to health called the MOCEAN Integrated System (MIS). This system analyzes your posture, movement, and overall health status using advanced healthcare technology and provides our team with a visual, objective basis for all decisions regarding your program. The data we collect will allow our team to create a detailed picture of your specific performance needs and an individualized program, catered to helping you achieve your performance goals.

The MOCEAN SP program creates exercise programs that cater to your individual needs


Most training protocols are generic and do not take into consideration your body’s inherent asymmetries and weaknesses. Because all bodies are unique, a uniform approach to programming and training might work for some but be inadequate, and even harmful, for most.

Today, most people have developed imbalances and biases in their movement patterns as a direct result of poor habits and unhealthy compensatory strategies. These imbalances create a poor foundation for the body to build upon and are responsible for poor performance, long training plateaus, and recurring injuries.

It is our belief that, in order to improve performance and prevent injuries, it is necessary to, first, accurately understand your unique physical makeup and then apply a health and exercise routine custom made for what your body needs. Our evaluation process is unparalleled in its ability to create an in-depth picture of your performance needs. Our goal is to then create a personalized exercise program that creates a better foundation for you to move and function upon.

Through in-depth evaluation, detailed analyses, and customized training programs backed by a holistic approach to human movement, the MOCEAN Sports Physical Therapy promises to deliver:

Enhanced performance

Optimized movement patterns

Accelerated back-to-sport transition

Sports Performance Analysis (approximately 60-minute process) – all in infographic charts


MOCEAN holistic Intake fill out → Posture & Gait analysis (Exbody – insert link) → Dynamic movement ROM assessment → Body composition analysis (Inbody 770 – insert link) → HRV-Stress test (Emwave) → Breathing assessment → Neurodynamic assessment → metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness assessment (Poe – insert link) → explain the assessment and

SP training program (approx. 60 – 90 min / session)


Personalized plan of care → optimize the breathing pattern → Restoration of mobility stability enhancement → optimize sports specific functional pattern enhancement → strengthening sports specific muscles and cardio endurance → independent exercise program

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