Meet Joshua Park

Joshua Park is the founder of the MOCEAN Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness NYC.
He works for the International Olympic Committee and was a medical manager in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic.

He is an olympic physical therapist.

He is currently one of the 10th (only one in the US) International Wheelchair Curling Classifiers.

For years, he treated thousands of patients from a variety of ages, occupations, including world-class athletes; he had only one goal.
“To ensure that no one suffers from chronic pain like himself.”

He, who has suffered from chronic pain, knows and understands the feelings of a sick person and how chronic pain can affect people’s lives.
For many years, Joshua suffered from chronic back pain.
This chronic back pain has led to addictions to narcotic pain medications.
The body and mind, caught in the trap of despair, were falling down incessantly and falling into a deep depression, and the loss of a normal lifestyle.
The reason for choosing Physical therapy was to learn the finding the root of the cause of the pain he was experiencing.
So, for many years, he has put hundreds of hours into studying Modern and Alternative medicine to find and resolve the cause of chronic pain.

It has been clinically proven to countless patients, including himself.