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MOCEAN is on a mission of reshaping people’s lives with advanced tech, personlized care, and gneuine love.
Listen to our customer journeys and witness how MOCEAN added value to their lives.


Amanda Diaz

After a severe car accident that changed her life, Amanda had to undergo a series of surgeries and faced severe chronic pain for many years. Determined to return to her passion, dancing, she turned to MOCEAN. She speaks about how hope returned; she no longer suffers from the pain that used to debilitate her and shares her plan to help others find hope within themselves.


MOCEAN is a customized health and wellness center that employs modern technology to provide the most soothing experience. We take a holistic approach and undergo a whole-body evaluation, including posture analysis, body composition, and stress tests. Our experienced therapists take time to understand the root cause of your chronic pain and tailor the specific solution to provide you lasting relief.


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Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing personalized care for quick recovery. We employ therapeutic approaches to ensure a transformative experience. From specialized training to innovative rehabilitation equipment, we aim to elevate your healing journey, providing top-notch care in a soothing environment. 
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At Mocean, our personalized approach transforms your performance and elevates your overall well-being. Our expert training coaches prioritize your unique goals and needs. Through state-of-the-art assessments, we identify key areas for improvement and craft a bespoke training plan that evolves with your progress. Our trainers go beyond traditional methods, using innovative techniques to optimize your physical potential and enhance your overall quality of life.
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MOCEAN Aesthetic

We believe in the art of personalized facial treatments that go beyond the surface. Our approach is rooted in providing a tailored experience, combining advanced techniques with a tranquil environment to maximize healing benefits. We employ robust facial techniques, utilizing the latest innovations in skincare technology. From rejuvenating massages to customized masks, our treatments are designed to not only brighten and impart a radiant glow to your skin but also to address your skincare concerns.
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MOCEAN_It all starts with a holistic assessment.

The first step in getting better is understanding the heart of your health issues. We will sit down with you and listen to what you’re experiencing. Our conversation will be centered around you. We will ask you questions about your health – What hurts? How’s your sleep? How’s your digestion? We want to get a comprehensive picture of your overall health and your most pressing pain points to provide a custom plan of care for you.

MOCEAN Brand Story

Learn more about who we are, what we do, and our vision for the future at MOCEAN

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Experience the future of health with your friends at MOCEAN!

We are hosting an exclusive opening event where you can share your MOCEAN experience with friends and family. To celebrate our center’s expansion, we want you and your loved ones to experience the future of medicine: completely personalized health solutions.

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Experience true healing yourself

Guided Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Deep cellular massage that recharges and revitalizes your body. Much like a battery, the human body runs on electricity. PEMF induces an electrical charge in the cell and restores the optimal balance within the body. By doing so, PEMF Therapy NYC helps to improve lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation and pain. Collective, it works to promote cellular healing and accelerate tissue repair and growth. Our Practitioners will apply this therapy directly to treatment areas. Collective, it works to promote cellular healing and accelerate tissue repair and growth. Our Practitioners will apply this therapy directly to treatment areas. Collective, it works to promote cellular healing and accelerate tissue repair and growth. Our Practitioners will apply this therapy directly on treatment areas.

Manoj Dias's Journey to Wellness: Overcoming Mold Toxicity and Revitalizing Health - Part 1

Manoj Dias from Open shared his health journey, dealing with mold toxicity causing chronic pain, fatigue, and neurological issues. He experienced severe symptoms, but after 11 months with various specialists, he underwent a treatment program at MOCEAN. This included reducing inflammation, a gallbladder and liver flush, and physical therapy. They also treated scar tissue around his vagus nerve with electrical therapeutic techniques and realigned his musculoskeletal system to improve breathing and posture. He learned to trust his intuition in health matters and plans to share budget-friendly tips for similar health issues. Stay tuned for Part 2 about his results.

MOCEAN Testmonial

Finding Relief from Chronic Back Pain: A Holistic Approach to Arachnoiditis with Physical Therapy - John Varvatos

Meet John, who battled chronic back pain for years and underwent surgery, only to face an even greater challenge – a diagnosis of arachnoiditis, an incurable disorder causing excruciating pain. He shares his inspiring healing journey at MOCEAN and how it has positively transformed his mindset, career, and overall life.

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Drew's Story: Battle against plantar fasciitis

“I’m a skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder, and work in film. If they can fix me, they can fix anyone! They’re thorough and honest. They will figure out your issue and advise a solution, but it’s up to you to follow it. I had plantar fasciitis, misdiagnosed by others. Josh realized my weak hamstrings were the problem. Strengthening them was a simple fix. I’m grateful for finding them – they’re geniuses with gadgets that speed up healing. It’s like a spa.” – Drew

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Janelle's Story_How Janell Overcame Bad Stomach with MOCEAN

“Internal and emotional part takes a big part in health, and I think MOCEAN and reset program focus on that… If there is anybody who wants to reset themselves, your gut, body, wherever it is in your body, start at MOCEAN” Janelle

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Sean's Story: Battle against chronic back pain

With consistent chronic back, knee, and shoulder pain, she went to countless doctors, therapists, and chiropractors and had zero success with healing. They used to make a few adjustments and prescribe pain medication that didn’t help her recover at all. Finally, she got to know about MOCEAN, which changed her life for the better. Unlike conventional practitioners, we scheduled an initial 30-minute session to learn about her sports history, pain duration, and current activities.  What happened next, let’s hear in her own words. 
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Valentina’s Story: Battle against Endometriosis and PCOS

For years, Valentina was medically diagnosed with Endometriosis and PCOS. Looking for a more holistic approach to alleviate her chronic pain that didn’t involve medication, she came to MOCEAN and enrolled in our Gut Reset Program. Listen to her share how resetting her gut has been restoring her body.

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Alan's Story: Battle against Chronic Shoulder Pain

“I have never felt so taken care of and so trusting of a caregiver. The attentiveness and attention to detail is unparalleled to other medical providers I’ve seen, but moreover the dedication to getting you feeling better is what made me keep coming back and made me trust in their process. I can’t recommend them enough – this is definitely not your average physical therapist.” -Alan T.