Our NYC Aesthetics Clinic customizes facial treatment to create true healing and healthy, radiant skin from within.

Promote skin regeneration

Focus on well-aging

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars

Lift, smoothen, and tighten face, neck, and décolleté

Increase lymphatic drainage

Improve facial complexion and revitalize skin

Skin Center NYC offers care that goes beyond your skin

Advanced Skin Analysis

At our Skin Center NYC, an esthetician will perform a detailed, data-driven analysis of your skin with your unique skin conditions, concerns, and goals in mind.

Facial Treatment with a Holistic Approach

Our all-in-one system activates your skin’s immune system, allowing long-term and effective restoration of your skin at our NYC Aesthetics Clinic. 

Functional Skincare Products & Skin Coaching

Caring for skin continues at home. You will gain knowledge about your skin and product recommendations to continue your care.

No Gratuity

We believe in true healing. Tips are not needed for our estheticians as we are here to help you restore your skin and health.

MOCEAN Aestehtics Center NYC helps you

  • Promote skin regeneration
  • Focus on anti-aging and antioxidants
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars
  • Lift, smoothen, and tighten face and neck
  • Increase lymphatic circulation
  • Improve facial complexion and revitalize skin 

Beauty Treatments NYC

Total Facial Repair

90-min | $400

Our signature Facial Treatment NYC promotes natural collagen production by stimulating your skin’s own repair system. Microcurrent technology and lymphatic massage are combined to visibly rejuvenate and renew dull, fatigued, and sun-damaged skin—everything your skin needs in one facial. This comprehensive treatment with energizing active ingredients at our NYC Aesthetics Center reverses signs of aging, prevents skin damage, and activates skin regeneration.

OxyLift Facial

90-min | $400

This high-tech oxygen facial adds a step to the Total Facial Repair process, focusing on delivering pure oxygen to your skin cells to recharge irritated skin and provide deep moisture. Non-invasive and holistic methodologies, such as Astra Dome and LED Light Therapy NYC, are included to repair and accelerate wound healing by reducing inflammation. This treatment is excellent for treating acne, brightening the skin, and improving elasticity.

Radiant Glow Facial

60-min | $250

Our Radiant Glow Facial NYC uses acid exfoliation to reactivate your skin and bring a new, healthy, and youthful look. This treatment suctions impurities and deeply hydrates dull skin and fine lines with hyaluronic acid. It’s suitable for all skin types, making it a versatile option for anyone looking to achieve energized and plumper-looking skin.

Deep Cleansing Facial NYC

60-min | $250

Intensive and revitalizing treatment specialized for acne skin. The Deep Detox facial treatment thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates to remove dull, dead skin cells and minimize pores and pigmentation, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion. Combined with detox massage and LED Light Therapy, this treatment effectively reduces irritation and combats the symptoms of fatigued and stressed skin. Includes extractions if needed.

Lymphatic Flow Facial

60-min | $250

Gentle lymphatic facial massage to purify the skin by removing waste from facial tissues and enhancing circulation of both lymph and blood. Lymphatic circulation reaches all skin layers to excrete stagnant toxins and stimulate nerve regeneration of tissues. This treatment is great for improving immunity, as well as relieving skin troubles and refining skin tone. It can provide relief after childbirth or surgery by reducing muscle pain, swelling, and edema.

Extreme Hydration Start-up

30-min | $95

An extra boost of moisture instantly hydrates and smoothes your skin. The perfect starter treatment for achieving immediately flawless skin. This treatment at our NYC Aesthetics Center soothes and nurtures the skin, making it suitable for even sensitive skin types, effectively reducing irritation and redness. Good for all skin types. VISIA Skin Analysis not included.

Your skin deserves that continuous love.

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Why MOCEAN Skin Care?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and the first defense system. Most of the meridian and lymphatic system is centrally located in the face and scalp area. As skin reflects the inner body environment, beautifying your skin needs a multifaceted perspective.

MOCEAN Dermo-Kin-Esthetic system goes beyond skin concerns on the surface. It promotes cell regeneration in deeper layers of skin by discharging body waste, reducing inflammation, and stimulating the circulation of lymph and blood.

When a balance between oxygen supply and carbon dioxide emissions is achieved in the dermal layers of skin, it allows the kinetic movement of skin cells. In this way the tension of blood vessels are maintained and the active ingredients of functional skincare products are effectively delivered in the deeper layers of skin, restoring skin from the cellular level and creating visible results.

Both offer relatively similar services in NYC. However, aestheticians perform cleaning and cosmetic procedures, while estheticians deal with the medical side of skin procedures. MOCEAN NYC Aesthetics Center has experts in both these fields.

This is subjective to your skin condition if your skin isn’t performing the way it used to do in the past. It’s the ideal time to get assistance from an expert. Wrinkles and pigmentation might be the early signs of it.

Skin care treatments are customized according to people’s needs. You can visit our Skin Center NYC; our specialists will analyze your skin conditions and recommend treatments accordingly.

Here are some questions we often get asked. If you have a question of your own please  email us.