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MOCEAN Dermo-Kin-Esthetic system: Beauty from inner health.
Our customized holistic facial treatment creates true healing and healthy, radiant skin from within.

We can help you

  • Promote skin regeneration
  • Focus on anti-aging and antioxidants
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars
  • Lift, smoothen, and tighten face and neck
  • Increase lymphatic circulation
  • Improve facial complexion and revitalize skin 


Total Facial Cell Repair (90-min)

Non-Member $500 | Member $400

Medical-grade oxygen facial that repairs and heals the deepest layers of skin. In addition to a total facial treatment, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is used to form a thermal coagulation point in specific deep tissue, enabling immediate lifting without damaging the epidermis. “Face lift without incision.”

Well-aging and Lifting (60-min)

Non-Member $300 | Member $240

Holistic dermalift facial treatment that deeply exfoliates and promotes natural collagen and moisture production by stimulating the skin’s own repair system. This treatment reverses signs of aging and brings a healthy, youthful complexion.

Hydration and Toning (60-min)

Non-Member $300 | Member $240

Combine extreme moisture supply and Blue Calming Light to revitalize dry skin. This treatment deeply cleanses and hydrates dull skin and fine lines, resulting in energized and brighten skin.

Lymphatic Facial Detox + Collagen Mask (60-min)

Non-Member $300 | Member $240

Gentle lymphatic facial massage that detoxifies and removes waste and toxins from facial tissues. Lymphatic circulation stimulates the nerves and tissue regeneration to purify the skin, followed by a collagen mask with vital nutrients. Great for improving immunity.

Aroma Scalp Release

Non-Member $300 | Member $240

Brain care that releases tension and stress. Combined with aroma, this powerful therapy increases the blood flow to the brain and removes toxins from the glymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid. This treatment promotes hair roots and growth, relieves anxiety and stress, improves sleep and increases mental clarity.

Why MOCEAN Skin Care?

MOCEAN Dermo-Kin-Esthetic system: Beauty from inner health.

Skin health is whole-body health

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and the first defense system. Most of the meridian and lymphatic system is centrally located in the face and scalp area. As skin reflects the inner body environment, beautifying your skin needs a multifaceted perspective. 

MOCEAN Dermo-Kin-Esthetic: Dermatology + Kinetic + Esthetic

MOCEAN Dermo-Kin-Esthetic system goes beyond skin concerns on the surface. It promotes cell regeneration in deeper layers of skin by discharging body waste, reducing inflammation, and stimulating the circulation of lymph and blood. When a balance between oxygen supply and carbon dioxide emissions is achieved in the dermal layers of skin, it allows the kinetic movement of skin cells. In this way the tension of blood vessels are maintained and the active ingredients of functional skincare products are effectively delivered in the deeper layers of skin, restoring skin from the cellular level and creating visible results. It is a true holistic care system that restores external beauty from inner health.
It begins with a comprehensive consultation

During the skin health consultation, we diagnose all systems of each individual as well as visible skin features. We take each person’s unique skin conditions and concerns into consideration and offer personalized and targeted treatment. 
Advanced Skin Analysis | Our VISIA technology analyzes each person’s skin to determine overall skin condition and age, providing data-driven metrics and visualization to guide the selection of skincare products and treatment options. 

Non-invasive, holistic facial treatment | MOCEAN combines holistic therapy with innovative medical formulations, nanotechnology, and microstimulation technology. Our all-in-one system activates the skin’s immune system, allowing long-term and effective restoration of your skin.

Functional skincare products & skin coaching | Caring for skin doesn’t stop with facials. Our sessions include skin coaching and product recommendations to continue your care at home.

No Tips | We believe in true healing. Tips are not needed for our estheticians as we are here to help you restore your health.

Now open for in-person and virtual appointments

Your safety is our top priority. For in-person visits, we provide temperature checks, HEPA air purifiers, and complete sanitation to ensure safer visits for everyone.

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